সর্বশেষ সংস্করণ ডাউনলোড করতে এখানে ক্লিক করুন ।

0.6.17 (beta) build 146 (20 May 2021)

  • Fixed : False Blocklist issue

0.6.11 (beta) build 133 (5 July 2021)

*Added : Covid Live Update
*Fix : Focus Search Control on Startup
*Fix : Aparajita Systray Notification crashed at OS startup.

0.6.10 (beta) build 133 (26 May 2021)

Improved & Updated : Auto Updater.
Added : Aparajita Systray Notification
ব্লগ পোস্ট এখানে

0.6.9 (beta) build 132 (22 May 2021)

*Added Trial Activation Key.(Valid Till : 31 June 2021)

0.6.9 (beta) build 131 (12 May 2021)

*Updated secondary database of English To Bangla.(3 lakhs words updated/edited) (Replaced Old Secondary e2b DB)
*Added Antonym,Definition, Pronounce, and Example (English To Bangla)
For more info visit:

0.6.8 (beta) build 130 (22 April 2021)

Updated: Search Engine (Now supports Two kind Search I)Regular Search II) Aparajeyo Mixed Fruits
For more info:

ব্লগ পোস্ট এখানে

0.6.7 (beta) build 129 (10 April 2021)

Added : Search History 🗎
Updated : Search engine of main UI.
Removed : Trial Activation Key 🔑
Fixed : Clipboard error issue.
Update : Popup Transkey Hotkey Choose
ব্লগ পোস্ট এখানে

0.6.6 (beta) build 127 (26 March 2021)

Fixed: Phase search on google from listbox
Added : Copy button on listbox selection.
Fixed : A few small bugs 🐛
Updated : Primary Bangla Database 0.5
Added : Same search on Main UI from Popup TransWin.
ব্লগ পোস্ট এখানে

0.6.5 (beta) build 126 (5 March 2021)

Fixed: Update Checker
Fixed: Improved Help Program (Word Reporting)
Fixed: Fixed some little bugs. 😊
Updated: Word Suggest Improved + Search Engine. (PopupTransWin)
Updated: Primary Bangla Database 0.4
Updated : Primary English Database 0.1 (Suffix,Prefix Added)
Update : License file on Installer

0.6.4 (beta) build 123 (15 February 2021)

*Fix version check issue.
*Changed Version Notification Dialog
*Updated Bangla primary database 0.3
*Win32Exception (0x80004005) solved (It was a very rare shown error ! But fixed !)
*Added ‘About’ icon on system tray menu.
*Remove ‘Nirmala’ font from our installer package.
*Updated search engine for “PopupTransWindow”.Now it’s – More faster, more better.

0.6.3 (beta) build 122 (09 February 2021)

*Added word suggestion list on “Popup TransWin”
*Updated Bangla primary database.
*Change update notification window.

0.6.2b build 121 28 January 2021

*Added multiple word translator tool (ATrans Tab)

*0.6.1b 120 25 January 2021

*Fixed show hide Aparajeyo Dictionary with hotkey. Now it can be change by user.
*Added Bangla Academy Dictionary Results on Popup TransWin.

*0.6b 118 13 January 2021

*Added meaning rating – From now you can rate word meaning result. For this option we can improve our dictionary daily.

*0.5.12b 112 28 Nov 2020

*Improved search engine.

*0.5.11b 111 28 Oct. 2020

*Updated Privacy Policy of Aparajeyo Dictionary PRO. See here :

*0.5.10b 110 30 Sept. 2020

*Pre-activated for 15 Days.
*Database Installer Updated
*Added Bangla Bilingua Database (Fully Based On Bangla Academy Dictionary)

*0.5.9b 109 27 Sept. 2020

*Added Bangla Academy Bangla To Enlish And Enlish To Bangla Database
*Token Registration System
*Fixed Some Bugs
*Added X close button Minimize Or Exit choice
*Added bookmark option on Popup Meaning Window
*Added time top option on Popup Meaning window

*0.5.8b 106 20 June 2020

*Added Clipboard Monitorning
*Added Banlga Academy Database for Bangla To Bangla more detailed meaning with use.
*20K+ New Bangla To Bangla information added.
*Fixed startup pronounciation
*Reg window startup Off/On
*Recover Activation key option
*Fix some bugs.

* 7 June 2020

*Fixed Start with windows startup
*Fixed one click database installer problem

*0.5.6 4 June 2020

*Added pronounciation on PopupTransWin.
*Stop open at startup for free users.
*Font settings for search boxes.(Font name and Size)
*Fixed many more bugs.

*0.5.5 23 May 2020

*Bangla To Bangla (mega database)
*Database update for both bangla and english
*Search word rendering improved.
*Auto update all problem now fixed and improved.
*Fixes fonts
*Fixes a lot small bugs.
*Fixes language detection
*Added phase detection
and many more small updates…

*0.5.4 17 May 2020

*English Missing words fixed
*English word search rendering improved
*Fixed a lot small bugs.

*0.5.3b 16 May 2020

*Remove Nirmala UI font
*Remove Databases to reduce setup file size.
*Auto Database installer function added (Very easy and fast)
*Auto Update improved !
*Fixes small bugs

*0.5.2b 14 May 2020

*1+ Lakhs new Bangla words added !!!
*Added English To English dictionary database (2Lakhs+ Words)
*Word suggestion issue fixed (No more missing words !!!)
*Search rendering improved
*Font’s added
*Fixes many minor and major bug.
*Auto update improved.
*Google Translate bug fixed.

*0.1 Beta 31 March 2020

In the meanwhile corona time. I got a lot of time to start this project again. The project was before Aparjaeyo Dictionary. Now it’s Aparajeyo Dictionary PRO with a lot of features and a lot of words! Hope you people will this software and purchase this software!