Aparajeyo Keyboard

Unicode and ANSI compliant keyboard software for Windows OS. It comes with built in Keyboard Layout creator that users can create their own keyboard layout easily under 5 minutes.

Bangla word suggestion

While you typing with Aparajeyo Keyboard it will suggests you correct words from dictionary.

Next possible word suggestion

While you typing it Aparajeyo Keyboard will suggests you next possible words.

Emoji support

Aparajeyo Keyboard supports Emoji’s so that you can easily use Emoji signs anywhere of window.

Encoding support

Aparajeyo Keyboard supports both ANSI and Unicode.

Type Bangla anywhere

Type Bangla very easily anywhere of your Windows OS in ANSI or Unicode. Such as – Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Firefox, MS Word, Notepad etc.

Included Keyboard Layouts With The Software
*Probhat Unicode
*Munir optima unicode
*STM Layout-1 to 7 (India).

To download more keyboard layouts CLICK here or want to create your own layout click here

General Info

File Name : Aparajeyo_Keyboard_1.0(Beta)
File Size : 10 Megabyte
Software Version : 1.0

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